What is a Vedic, Jyotish Jewel?

A Vedic, Jyotish Jewel is a Planetary Gemstone Talisman, a sacred jewel, charged with auspicious gemstones to drawn positivity, good fortune, Karmic strength, and evolution. 

It is therefore, a precious metal jewel incorporating a Jyotish gemstone. We have seen what a Jyotish gemstone is, in the previous post.

Vedic Jyotish jewels have a main peculiarity that distinguish them from regular jewelry. Either rings or pendants, these amulets are open in the back, so for the lower part of the stone to touch the skin of the wearer. This is a very important feature in a Vedic, Jyotish jewel.

Associated with the nine Jyotish gems are the days of the week, the numbers, an auspicious time for the particular gem | planet, and appropriate fingers if you want to wear your jewel in a ring . When we start designing the jewel, we adhere strictly to these Vedic guidelines. For maximum auspicity for the client, the designing process starts on the appropriate day for that particular gemstone | planet and at the appropriate time. At the final stage, prior setting the main stone, we, in a thankful Puja, recite the planet mantra prior setting the main stone. It is a receiving and giving exchange. Simply that.

We take pride in custom make every single talisman we deliver to our customers. We have many style pendants and rings. Each and every jewel is strictly one-of-a-kind, & unique, with that something that will be different from a previous one in the same style. Being the styles of prongs, a slightly ticker granulation or perhaps absence of it, a different curve in the design, none of the pieces we make are exactly identical. Strictly customized to you, because you are unique.

A Vedic, Jyotish Talisman is a jewel with a purpose. Discover its beauty, auspicity and power.



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