About Planetary Gems

The Planetary Gems International Co. or The Planetary Gems Co. or simply planetarygems.com was established in 1995 by Rodolfo and Sofija Ciscato in USA , and it has been on the web since 1999.

We take our mission very seriously. We are experts in the discipline of Vedic Gemology, travelling to gems mining and cutting centers all over the world to hand select natural, beautiful, “special”, untreated gemstones that meet the Jyotish criteria of purity and auspicity, that captivate our eyes and sweetens the senses. We choose them for fine cutting, flawless clarity, sweet feel and lowest wholesale price. We, then, create beautiful and auspicious Vedic Talismans & Jyotish Jewelry for the international enlightened community.

All in all, doing this with passion, honesty, integrity and complete customer satisfaction.

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